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Nov 11, 2012 8:30pm PST
to veteran's day to honor all u.s. military personnel. >>> nearly 2000 gathered to mark veterans' day. the veteransp memorial was officially unveiled today. many of the veterans are struggling on bay area streets. a homeless advocate said the need is great. the shelter won't÷ú be open unt does. there will be many struggling to keep warm this weekend. 12% of those served are veterans and that number continues to grow. >> we have a responsibility to them. they gave part of their life, a year, two, three, four, maybe a limb or their sight. what can we give back to them? talk to them. take a moment. >> he said people should take time, not just on veteran day, but any given day, to acknowledge the sacrifices these men and women have made.÷ú >> union reps are back at the table tonight. talks resumed this morning, a full week after the strike begachblt they arad odds over wages and benefits, including a plan to eliminate benefits for retirees forht medicare. there are 40 stores in the bay area affected by the strike. >>> today's football game, between the 49ers and st. louis rams ended w
Nov 18, 2012 8:30pm PST
escalate in the middle east, many u.s. leaders are voicing their support for israel. the possibility appears to be growing and president obama defended israel's right to defend itself. nbc's brian moore has the latest.
Nov 22, 2012 8:30pm PST
and these u.s. service members are celebrating with some football and the new york jets who have donated jerseys for this ultimate football tournament. each jersey has a number 12 on it signifying the 12th man letting the service members know their sack faces have not been forgotten. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> out here in the army and doing an event lake this here in afghanistan, around your military family. >> for years i've been playing football in the morning and watching fastball in the afternoon and that's what this is all about today, here in afghanistan with all the service members being here. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, alexandria, virginia. >> happy thanksgiving, chicago. >> happy thanksgiving to my wife. honey, i love you. >> from kabul, afghanistan, happy thanksgiving! >>. >> reporter: football aside, this is where the real thanksgiving takes place, the food at this dining facility. 98 men have been working really hard to bring all the trimmings to 2,000 coalition members including turkey, ham, even pumpkin pie. >> i think it
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3